Modern is DC’s LOUNGE.

It’s DC’s original lounge located at 3287 M Street in Georgetown.   Modern has been in operation since 2001, bringing you the best lounge experience. Modern stands out as Georgetown’s one true nightclub. We invite you to enjoy our unique atmosphere and excellent service.

As you pass by our door in Georgetown, the pulse of the bass draws you closer, and then inside. You will make your way downstairs to an intimate basement location, dimly lit with beautiful chandeliers. The sweeping intelligent lights catch your eye, drawing you to our spacious wooden dance floor, above which the DJ booth commands your attention. The elevated DJ booth is not only situated over the dance floor, with DC’s best DJ talent enticing you to get your groove on; but also located across from the hottest VIP tables, putting you right next to the action with a bird’s-eye DJ view.

At Modern, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to our guests. You will find the nightlife industry’s most seasoned bartenders and door staff at your service, guiding your group through the entry process, and assisting your party so that you can have an amazing and memorable evening with your friends.

As long as you are into good music, you will have fun here. It’s a friendly crowd, with a down-to-earth vibe, and a lively dance floor. Modern has a very welcoming atmosphere, and many of our regular customers frequent the club multiple times per week.

Modern is an intimate venue that hosts approximately 175 guests at once. The club is in a basement location, so after entering our lobby you will head downstairs. The venue is one main room with two distinct areas. The “lounge” area includes a large, sunken, circular bar surrounded by ottomans for general seating. The bar is also surrounded by VIP seating sections along the walls. The music in this area is slightly quieter to make conversation easier. The “dance floor” area 3 VIP seating sections, on a raised platform, opposite the DJ booth. In the dance floor area, you can fully enjoy the effects of Modern’s top of the line sound and lighting systems. There is also a back bar situated for your convenience.

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