Bottle Service Details

Modern invites you to make a reservation for a special VIP experience.  When you make a reservation for VIP bottle service your group will have a special seating area within the club, a guest list until midnight with express entry, and a VIP cocktail waitress to help pamper your group.

When you arrive you can either pre-pay with cash or give a credit card and ID to your server to hold.  You will select which bottle of liquor or champagne you would like, and your desired mixers. Standard sodas and juices (i.e. 7up, club soda, cranberry juice, etc.) are complimentary.  Sugar free and regular Red Bull are also available at an additional cost.  There will be a 20% service charge added to your check for your cocktail waitress who will be refreshing your ice and mixers and replenishing glasses, limes, and other necessary items.

Option Minimum* Included Guest List Seating Area Additional Info
A $180 minimum 8 people Near the circular bar;  Seats approx 8 people There are only 3 sections at this great low price, so reserve early, they fill up fast!
B $350 minimum 12 people Next to the dance floor;  Seats approx 8 people Your party to dance without walking away from your table. These areas also offer a great view of the DJ & club!
C $400 minimum 15 people A large L-shaped corner  area;  Seats approx 14 people There is only 1 of these sectionals, so plan ahead for option C!
D $500 minimum 20 people A long and open table area near both the circular bar and the dance floor;  Seats approx 20 people This table is the perfect solution for large groups looking to mingle.
E $900 minimum 45 people All 3 tables next to the dance floor;  Seats approx 24 people This offers the maximum table space and guests for your VIP experience.

*There is no fee for tables, however the minimum must be met with the purchase of either champagne or liquor bottles.  Beer, cocktails and shots may be purchased through your server, but it will not contribute to the table minimum.

Liquor bottles range from $180-$250 per bottle and Champagne bottles start at $115 each.

We hold tables until midnight so if you are running late please call and request authorization for a late arrival. However, if you have payed in advance we will hold your table until the end of the evening if you would like.

To make a VIP table service reservation, please email us at or call the General Manager, Lily Cohen at 202.540.0635.  You can also call Modern at 703.507.3147 and leave a message and we will call back to confirm.

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