How do I get on the guest list?

There are only two ways to get on the guest list at Modern, however, there are other ways to get in without paying cover as well. To get on the list you must either (1) book a VIP table, or (2) ask your favorite bartender for their card, which is also a free admission pass for next time.

How can I get in for free if I am not on the guest list?

We offer FREE ADMISSION FOR LADIES on Fridays & Saturdays before 11pm, and for guys before 10pm. The other free method of entry is our password system, which is explained next.


What’s the deal with this whole “password” thing I keep hearing about?

Since opening in 2001, Modern has had a password for free admission. You can whisper the secret password to the cashier in the lobby, and she’ll give you permission to enter for free, as long as it’s before midnight and you’re password is correct. Here’s how you can get the passwords: (1) add yourself to our email and SMS lists and you will receive it every Friday afternoon. (2) sign up for Modern Tweets (3) be our friend on Facebook, where a password is always listed in our info section.


What is the dress code exactly?

On Thursdays Modern does not enforce a dress code. On Fridays and Saturdays we recommend that you dress to impress. Work it, own it, the funkier the better! Entry is always at the doorman’s discretion, which means that he can refuse admission based on your attire. Any good looking ensemble is likely to be allowed, however, here are some items that we do not allow: athletic wear in general, jerseys, sweatshirts, track pants, white sneakers, dirty sneakers, running shoes, boots with the laces undone, flip flops, sunglasses, baseball hats, do-rags, bandanas, casual shorts, oversized t-shirts, plain white tees, torn jeans.


What is VIP bottle service and how much does it cost?

Please see our Table Information section


What forms of payment are accepted?

Modern accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and cash. If you have purchased a bottle, you will be required to give your waitress a credit card & ID to hold until payment is rendered, or you can pay in cash before your bottle(s) are presented.

What is the crowd like at Modern?

Modern is known for having a mature & mixed crowd. Persons of all ages, styles, genders, and ethnic backgrounds should feel at home inside of Modern. As long as you are into good music, you will have fun here. It’s a friendly crowd, with a down-to-earth vibe, and a lively dance floor. Modern has a very welcoming atmosphere, and many of our regular customers frequent the club multiple times per week.


What if someone in my group is not 21?

Modern is strictly 21 & over at all times, so unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions for anyone.


What if I lost my ID?

Modern requires a valid government issued ID for entry into the club. Accepted forms of ID include Driver’s License, State Identification card, Military ID, and Passport. If you lost your ID, you will need one of these other forms to enter.


If I reserve for VIP bottle service, can I bring a cake if it’s my friend’s birthday?

Modern does not allow cakes, simply because the table tops are meant for bottle service, not for food, so there is really not enough space to serve a cake with elegant presentation. However, we do allow you to bring cupcakes, since we can serve them right out of the box.


Does Modern allow smoking?

DC is a smoke free city, however, it is hassle free to go outside for a cigarette. All you need to do is make sure your hand is stamped to show you’ve already entered, and you can go outside. The doorman will let you back in when you are ready, with minimal waiting. However, in the wintertime, if you want to get your coat out of the coat check, you must pay to re-check it, because we cannot re-use coat check tickets once a coat is checked out.


Does Modern have parking?

Modern is located in Georgetown, where there is ample street parking at night. However, there is a paid parking lot across the street for your convenience, on the Southeast corner of M & 33rd Streets NW. There are additional lots under Georgetown Park Mall, and also on Prospect Street NW between Potomac Street and Wisconsin Avenue NW.


Does Modern have a coat check?

Modern has a coat check during the cold months. It costs $3 per item.


What time do you open?

10pm on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.  Sometime’s our doors open early around 9-9:30pm so if you’re in the area sooner than expected feel free to swing by and see if we are open before 10!


When is last call?

Last call is at 2:45am on Fridays and Saturdays. Last call is at 1:45am on other nights.


How big is modern? What is it like inside?

Modern is an intimate venue that hosts approximately 175 guests at once. The club is in a basement location, so after entering our lobby you will head downstairs. The venue is one main room with two distinct areas. The “lounge” area includes a large, sunken, circular bar surrounded by ottomans for general seating. The bar is also surrounded by VIP seating sections along the walls. The music in this area is slightly quieter to make conversation easier. The “dance floor” area has a wooden dance floor overlooked by an elevated DJ booth. Opposite the DJ booth are 3 VIP seating sections, on a raised platform. In the dance floor area, you can fully enjoy the effects of Modern’s top of the line sound and lighting systems. There is also a back bar situated for your convenience.


What kind of music do you play on what nights?
* Thursdays: a dance-oriented party that includes a DJ spinning dance, house, techno and top 40.
* Fridays: Currently a mix of any lounge and upbeat dance music.
* Saturdays: DJ Eku spins house, funk and lounge music until about 11pm. After 11pm the lounge atmosphere begins to convert to a club atmosphere, and the DJ will play a lively mix of hip hop, house, top 40 and more.

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